2014 EPFP Testimonials

  • The EPFP program was the highlight of my year!  It is an opportunity to broaden one's perspective, gain insights into the politics of schooling, and form solid relationships with others in the cohort. 

    Phyllis Amori, Principal, Millbrook Middle School (6/6/14)


    I could not have been happier with the Education Policy Fellowship Program. From top to bottom the rich conversations around a multitude of topics facing education today were always timely and the presenters and authors always insightful. These were experts from various backgrounds that you really wanted to hear from and who were willing to engage in a true dialogue. Gettysburg and the lessons learned on leadership will be a lifelong takeaway for me!  The trip to DC highlighted for me serious issues I was able to take back and discuss in district as well.  Truly worth the time and effort!

    Christopher Pellettieri, Asst. Supt. Curriculum & Instruction, Rockville Centre UFSD (June 2014)


    EPFP is a truly unique professional experience.  It features outstanding guest speakers and stimulating discussions about the policies that shape education.  The information and insights gained are extraordinary and are directly related to the challenges educators experience every day. 

    Robert Feirsen, Superintendent, Garden City UFSD (June 2014)


    I am truly speechless!  I can remember feeling overwhelmed and turning to [another BOE member] and saying "what did we get ourselves into.  We don't have the resources at our disposal that everyone else in the class has." We then asked [the coordinators] if we could work [on the policy paper] together and with [their] encouragement and guidance we embarked on what for me has been a tremendous experience.  Thank you for your kindness and guidance through the process.  I am so grateful that I did this course and worked on this paper.  It has made me grow both personally and professionally and has been truly rewarding. 

    Debbie Gatti, N. Rockland Board of Education (May 2014)