Graduation Measures

Performance Standards Assessment

  • New York State's Performance-Based Learning and Assessment Networks (PLAN) program: 

    NY is implementing a pilot to collect evidence on how schools can successfully—and equitably—transition to performance-driven systems of teaching and learning that utilize multiple measures. The PLAN Pilot is looking at how performance-based assessment approaches can be implemented in a diverse range of schools, with an assessment strategy that incorporates multiple measures, and how to support schools in making that transition. 

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  • The New York Performance Standards Consortium

    The New York Performance Standards Consortium was founded over two decades ago on the belief that there was a better way to assess student learning than dependence upon standardized testing. Instead of basing a student’s future on a one-day (or two- or three-day) test, an assessment system should reflect a fuller picture of what students know and can do. The Consortium’s system is based on in-depth literacy, mathematical problem-solving, application of the scientific method, social studies research, a span of mediums for exhibiting learning, and a chance for students to have a voice and proud ownership of their work.

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