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WE’RE NUMBER ONE. WHY? Exploring the reasons behind New York’s education spending, by Robert Lowry, Jr., Deputy Director, NYS Council of School Superintendents, March 2015 Councilgram; "To rebut pleas for more state aid and to imply inefficiency, Governor Andrew Cuomo routinely cites the fact that New York public schools lead the nation in per pupil spending. Seldom does anyone stop to ask why New York schools spend at the levels they do..."

View: Lawmakers must act now to create new teacher evals, Superintendent Louis N. Wool , LoHud (3/26/2015); "Gov. Cuomo and legislative leaders can take immediate steps to improve teacher accountability – and then must bring in national experts to create effective teacher evaluation plans."

Editorial: Educators weigh in on opting out, A Journal News editorial l(3/24/2-015); Education experts on a Journal News panel dislike many aspects of standardized testing, but are divided over whether opting out is the answer. LINK TO VIDEO OF PANEL DISCUSSION.

Editorial: Johnson a smart choice for Regents, Journal News editorial 3/6/15; “Judith Johnson is a smart choice to represent the Lower Hudson Valley on the state Board of Regents. But she'll have to ask tough questions and build support to get things done.”

NYS Educational Conference Board (ECB) issues recommendations on changing the framework of the NYS tax levy cap in a way that respects New York’s tradition of community budget votes, but looks to tax cap models from other states and rules for New York’s municipalities (February 2015).

2015 State of the State, Gov. Cuomo; Opportunity Agenda Briefing Book (550 pages; page 218, Part Two: A Bold P-12 Reform Agenda)

Stern: Assembly faces key choice on next local Regent, Gary Stern, LoHud (2/9/2015);  The Assembly is interviewing candidates this week for the Board of Regents. The 9th Judicial District needs a Regent who will express the region's unease with testing and other "reforms."

View: Promise of public education obscured by politics, Stephen O. Jambor, LoHud, (2/7/2015); The promise of public education is being compromised by politicians who assume the schools are failing and then develop policies that make things worse.

Cuomo pushing test scores as (false) answers, Gary Stern, LoHud (1/24/2015);
"Congress may reduce standardized testing requirements. But Gov. Cuomo wants to raise the profile of test scores in a new teacher evaluation formula that would determine hiring and firing."

Poverty key hindrance to student success, study shows, Gary Stern, LoHud (1/6/2015); A new study by a Yonkers group shows poverty plays an overwhelming role in hindering students' readiness for college. Analysts want to study school districts that outperform their poverty levels.

View: One size does not fit all schools, George Latimer, LoHud (1/5/2015); “We don't need to "reform" education in Westchester. We need to help those schools and districts that need help, and we need to support those schools and districts that are already doing well by letting them continue to succeed.”

The Central Crisis in New York Education, NY Times Editorial (1/4/2015); “… [Cuomo] will have to move beyond peripheral concerns and political score-settling… and go to the heart of the matter. And that means confronting and proposing remedies for the racial and economic segregation that has gripped the state’s schools, as well as the inequality in school funding…”

With King out, Cuomo muscles in on school reform, Gary Stern, Lohud (12/28/2014); First Education Commissioner John King told school districts what to do. Now Gov. Andrew Cuomo is planning another round of school reforms.

WPSBA Statement on Need to Review and Redesign APPR (Nov 2014)
WPSBA “call[s] on our State legislators to take action to review and redesign New York’s teacher evaluation system (APPR)… The unintended consequences of the current flawed APPR system on our students and on school district accountability can no longer be ignored.”

Journal News editorial- APPR (11/12/2014), “The problems with New York State's Annual Professional Performance Review, and the state's reticence to address them, mirror the rocky implementation of Common Core standards.”
LoHud APPR Video Interview, LoHud, Superintendents Louis Wool and Brenda Myer (11/12/2014), "the problems with New York State's Annual Professional Performance Review, and the state's reticence to address them, mirror the rocky implementation of Common Core standards"

WPSBA Community View: Make public education whole, Susan Elion Wollin and Lisa P. Davis, Journal News (10/25/2014); Recent state aid increases for public schools don't make up for years of cuts, including the Gap Elimination Adjustment. New York State has an obligation to keep its promise to our schools by providing both adequate funding and relief from costly state-mandated expenditures.”

A new study found that New York's teacher-evaluation formula forces school districts to pump up classroom-observation scores so teachers don't wind up with "unjust" overall grades, Gary Stern, LoHud, (10/6/2014); Leaders of a regional school superintendents group are calling on the state to scrap its much-debated teacher-evaluation system, contending that a new study proves that the system is irreparably flawed. The study, released Friday, found that the state formula for calculating evaluations forces school districts to inflate classroom-observation ratings so teachers do not get poor overall scores.
Empirical Analysis of the NYS Annual Professional Performance Review System

New York's school reform sidelined by Common Core, Gary Stern, Journal News (5/12/2014) “… ‘This is the untold story of New York's "lost standards.’… It's a revealing corner of state history because [Saul] Cohen's project, officially the Regents Standards Review and Revision Initiative, anticipated many of the Common Core's primary goals. The educators involved also hashed out issues that have inspired raucous debate across New York as the state has rolled out Common Core… ‘It was a healthy, democratic approach’…We did not only create standards. We wanted to create the conditions for new standards to work.’"

Andrew Cuomo’s confused property-tax ‘cut’, NY Post OPINION, E.J. McMahon, (3/21/2014), ...Why do New York governors and legislators in both parties continue to offer expensive painkillers instead of real, cost-free cures for high property taxes? Because they’re unwilling to attack the main problem, which is unfunded state mandates — especially collective-bargaining laws that force public-employee pay to unsustainable levels. Until that changes, New Yorkers can expect more STARs in their eyes.

WPSBA brings Diane Ravitch's message on education reform issues to Lower Hudson community (1/16/2014). WATCH VIDEO OF HER PRESENTATION.

WPSBA Community View on School District Funding: Make Public Education Whole (10/26/14)

WPSBA Community View on School District Budget & Board of Education Elections, Journal News (5/20/2014)

Hudson Valley leader [Lisa Davis] rallies school boards for change, Newsday, Meghan Murphy (2/9/2013), "It's the small victories that keep her going, she [Lisa Davis] says…You have to keep up the fight. You take the small little victories and keep reminding yourself that you're doing it for the kids."

2013-14 ELA and Math Assessment Presentation, NY SED
Regional 2012-13 NY Assessment Score Data from NYSED

NYS Education Reform Commission Preliminary Report

Federal Mandates on Local Education: Costs and Consequences – Yes, it’s a Race, but is it in the Right Direction?, Ken Mitchell, Center for Research, Regional Education and Outreach, SUNY New Paltz, Discussion Brief #8- Fall 2012
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