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PUBLIC EDUCATION: Our Most Important Infrastructure.
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Regent Judith Johnson at WPSBA Breakfast & Network Program on December 3rd.
WPSBA Breakfast & Network featured Regent Judith Johnson

For Common Core test opt outs, it's next year that counts, LoHud Editorial (4/10/2016); What can we learn from New York's still swelling opt-out movement? That many parents don't want to hear about future reform by the very "reformers" who mucked up the rapid-paced adoption of Common Core-aligned high-stakes testing…In other words, it's next year that counts. That is, as long as the state follows through with promised modifications.

New York State Regents Elect Betty Rosa as Chancellor, By Kate Taylor, NY Times (3/21/2016); “... Dr. Rosa’s election is an indication of how much both politicians and the public have turned against the policies promoted by Dr. Tisch…”
Merryl Tisch, Board of Regents Chief Who Set Off Testing Backlash, Reflects on Her Tenure, By Kate Taylor, NY Times (3/10/2016); “…She tried to do too much, too fast…”

Editorial: Get New York's education system back on track; Lohud Editorial (3/18/2016); Parents and teachers wonder if Elia can bring common sense to New York's education system before it goes kerplunk... [Editorial includes link to WPSBA/LHCSS "Last Straw for Public Education" Video]

Citing record number of districts with negative tax caps, Educational Conference Board renews call for $2.2 billion state aid increase (Letter to NYS Legislators 3/17/2016); State funding is the only way many districts will be able to continue current services...

In ‘significant change,’ lawmakers add diversity to Regents board, by Keshia Clukey, Politico (3/8/2016); The state Legislature appointed three new members to the Board of Regents …  increasing the diversity of the policymaking board, and suggesting tensions around education policy may have eased around the Capitol, [Newly appointed Regent] Reyes said, “It’s not a political game. Politics is the art of the possible. Education is the art of the indispensable. We don’t have a choice but to educate all children fully,”…
New Regents chancellor would bring significant change, by Keshia Clukey, Politico (3/8/2016); “The appointment of Betty Rosa as chancellor of the state Board of Regents will bring major change to the education policymaking board...”

Small-city districts clash with Cuomo on school funding formula; Gov. Cuomo says $7 billion pledged by Spitzer in 2007 was 'outrageously high,' by Bethany Bump, timesunion (2/29/16); “The bottom line is that while the state is trying to get out of its constitutional obligations to our children, it is the kids that are suffering. Our lawmakers should do the right thing and take this opportunity to fairly fund our schools and not wait for the courts to order them to act."

Can we really level the playing field for kids?, Limarie Cabrera (Westchester Children’s Association), LoHud (2/26/2016); “Data demonstrates that race, location, and even gender, play too strong a role in a child’s success. During state budget season, urge lawmakers to invest in kids…”

Charter, tax credit groups again outspend teachers' unions on lobbying, By Bill Mahoney and Eliza Shapiro, POLITICO NEW YORK (2/8/2016); “…In all, labor groups and their key allies on education issues spent $8.3 million on political activity in 2015. Charter schools and their influential lobbying arms spent a little over $9 million, and tax credit advocates, $5.7 million, according to the lobbying and campaign finance reports.”

How to Fix the Country’s Failing Schools. And How Not To, by David L. Kirp, NY Times (1/9/2016); “…Newark’s big mistake was … that they placed their faith in the idea of disruptive change and charismatic leaders. Union City adopted the opposite approach, embracing the idea of gradual change and working within existing structures…”

Dolan: Catholic Conference will again push education tax credit, Keshia Clukey, Politico (1/7/2016);“…Education tax credits drain money from public schools to give huge tax credits to the very rich. It was a bad idea last year and it has not gotten any better with time…”

Ossining tops local districts with 8 Intel semifinalists, By Peter D. Kramer, LoHud, (1/7/2016); “Twenty-seven students from a dozen high schools across the Lower Hudson Valley received that best possible news...”

Merryl Tisch on her greatest hits, disappointments and what’s next, By Bethany Bump, Timesunion (1/6/2016); Article and link to 2-part PBS video interview

New York's school reform sidelined by Common Core, Gary Stern, Journal News (5/12/2014) “… ‘This is the untold story of New York's "lost standards.’… It's a revealing corner of state history because [Saul] Cohen's project, officially the Regents Standards Review and Revision Initiative, anticipated many of the Common Core's primary goals. The educators involved also hashed out issues that have inspired raucous debate across New York as the state has rolled out Common Core… ‘It was a healthy, democratic approach’…We did not only create standards. We wanted to create the conditions for new standards to work.’"

WPSBA Comments to Board of Regents re 3012-d Emergency Regs /APPR

WPSBA View: Vote on Tuesday, and strengthen local control of schools, LoHud (5/15/2015); Local accountability is at the heart of our school districts, and is something to keep in mind as you head to the polls on May 19th.

Statement on Need to Review and Redesign APPR (Nov 2014)
WPSBA “call[s] on our State legislators to take action to review and redesign New York’s teacher evaluation system (APPR)… The unintended consequences of the current flawed APPR system on our students and on school district accountability can no longer be ignored.”

WPSBA Community View: Make public education whole, Journal News (10/25/2014); Recent state aid increases for public schools don't make up for years of cuts, including the Gap Elimination Adjustment. New York State has an obligation to keep its promise to our schools by providing both adequate funding and relief from costly state-mandated expenditures.”

WPSBA Community View on School District Budget & Board of Education Elections, Journal News (5/20/2014)

Hudson Valley leader [Lisa Davis] rallies school boards for change, Newsday, Meghan Murphy (2/9/2013), "It's the small victories that keep her going, she [Lisa Davis] says…You have to keep up the fight. You take the small little victories and keep reminding yourself that you're doing it for the kids."


New York Common Core Task Force Final Report (12/10/2015); It is time to right the ship. We believe that these recommendations, once acted on, provide a means to that end. It is our belief that these recommendations provide the foundation to restore public trust in the education system in New York by improving what needs to be improved and building on our long history of excellence in public education.

NYS Education Reform Commission Preliminary Report

Federal Mandates on Local Education: Costs and Consequences – Yes, it’s a Race, but is it in the Right Direction?, Ken Mitchell, Center for Research, Regional Education and Outreach, SUNY New Paltz, Discussion Brief #8- Fall 2012
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